Monday, September 12, 2011

Lindt dark chocolate & raspberry pavlova

Yesterday was the first of probably a few barbecues to celebrate the Rugby World Cup.  It's the longest tournament ever (well maybe) with the final on 23rd October - so about 7 weeks of Rugby! About 15 of us got together yesterday - half adults and half kids these days, and I thought I'd try out an alternative version of Australia's favourite dessert - to suit slightly more adult tastes.

This one is by the fabulous Nigella, it contains both cocoa and shards of dark Lindt chocolate in the shell, uses only the best double cream (woah, so hard to get in Australia - I was missing the cream section at Waitrose the other day where you can get a million types of cream), raspberries and grated dark chocolate. I ended up using Gippsland Double cream, a wonderful discovery and exactly the deep creaminess I was after.

Pavlova is such a satisfying dessert to make, and I feel the work involved, now I have a Kitchenaid that just wurrs away making the perfect meringue, is quite limited. But the wow factor is still high. Win win. And it went down a treat.

Happy Rugby World Cupping everyone, and yes, I do support the Wallabies! Go Wallabies!


  1. oh god... that looks good.. especially after gyming!!! sugar high!!!

  2. Ooh that is one of my favourite Nigella recipes! It's so delicious! Yours looks great!! :)

  3. Dolly - yes, quite a bit of sugar. Strangely with the dark chocolate it doesn't feel quite as sweet though!
    Lorraine - Nigella is the bees knees!

  4. Oh lovely! Perfect dessert to cheer on the almighty Wallabies! Thanks for the reccomendation of the cream, will have to get me some of that!


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