Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My muesli

I've been inspired to make my own muesli in the last few weeks. Thought it was about time I did some trial and error with tastes and ingredients.

Over the summer I've been making my own muesli/bircher most mornings - a base of rolled oats, with dried cherries, slivered almonds, frozen blueberries and frozen raspberries and a dash of full cream milk. I leave this to sit for 10 -15 minutes, and this makes it so much more delicious. Not only do the oats start to break down, but the raspberries and blueberries start to soften, and flavour the surrounding milk and oats. Delicious.

More recently I've been reading up on the idea of quitting sugar (via David Gillespie and Sarah Wilson), and how poisonous the quantities that we consume are for our bodies. I don't think I'm ready to bite that bullet quite yet, such a big commitment. And I love my baking too much to give that up. But I am trying to take this on board for my own consumption, listening to what my body really wants, taking notice of those sugar related ups and downs.

Starting the day well is so important - so, inspired by The Muesli, and its no sugar mantra, I've focused on getting lots of great proteins and fats into my muesli.  No dried fruit - this contains a lot of sugar, which should be avoided at breakfast where possible.

Along with my switch to full cream milk - I've found that this breakfast and a full cream latte mid-morning, I am genuinely not hungry until lunchtime. I can even avoid the mothers' group obligatory biscuits!

My muesli

400g rolled oats
50g oatbran
40g sesame seeds
50g cashews, broken up
20g sunflower seeds
40g slivered almonds
40g pepitas

Et voilà, My first muesli

That's unfortunately where the healthy finished for me - I had to sample the final mix tonight with divine King Island honey & cinnamon yogurt. It didn't disappoint.

FYI - Aldi now does a great range of natural nuts, they are so reasonably priced too.

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