Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Early birthday present from T2

T2 is one of the only 'high street' shops that I totally love. (The other is Kikki-K, but that's a whole other blog post...)  The concept is spot on. They adore tea, and everything to do with it. I also think their range of teas and accoutrement is fabulous.

They treat teapots, cups and saucers like fashion shops - they change them all the time, and are always linked by a theme. It seemed to be all about decadence when we were in there today, and my local store had a whole wall of vintage teacups too.

My lovely MIL treated me to an early birthday present, T2 loose leaf Earl Grey, a black square tin (I already have a collection of these and love them!), a honey spoon and 2 tea scoops. At T2 they also let you have free samples - we both chose Creme brulee. So delicious, and perfect as a black tea.

Thank you for my bday present xx


  1. Ah T2 is always delightful! Mmmm the creme brulee tea smells so delicious, I bet it tastes yum :) Such a lovely gift! x

  2. ooo lucky you! I must try this Creme brulee flavour, sound like it would be great!

  3. T2 is so addictive, I love trying all their new teas and discovering new flavours


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