Monday, November 19, 2012

Grams of my life - Instagram

My blog has been very neglected recently. Having 2 kids in the house makes things very busy, I'm sure you can imagine.
I keep up with what's happening on Instagram. If you haven't looked it up yet you really should! Although the app is key to using and liking other images, Instagram have recently they have also launched user profiles. Here's mine

And some recent photos:

Feel like I've spent hours at the Apple Store in Chatswood over the last few days. My mac finally died after four years, but that has meant that I was able to upgrade to a beautiful Macbook Pro. Exciting!

 My local beach. Freshwater. We are so so lucky.

My first taste of Barambah Organics yogurt. Blissfully thick, and the hint of cinnamon makes it a little bit different.

Chickpea curry. Simple and wholesome.

Some new cookie cutters bought by my Dad for our family in a great baking shop in Fremantle. They had everything! Miss almost 3 is learning letters so he thought these would be perfect to combine with a bit of baking.


My helper making sure the icing sugar is 'perfect'!

Our family loves gingerbread, especially this Hummingbird Bakery recipe that contains a large amount of ginger, some Tate & Lyle Black treacle and ends up being not too sweet. We're trying to extend the gingerbread season as much as possible and I'm also planning a few gingerbread gifts for my toddler's teachers.

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  1. love the deep colour of the gingerbread. and i am jealous that freshwater is your local :P

  2. Hi muppy, the colour is from the dark treacle. Tate & Lyle totally makes the gingerbread. It's surprisingly adult tasting, but my daughter loves it too.

    Yes, Freshie is a near-perfect beach! ;-)


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