Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do you thermomix?

I'm a gadget queen. Ok, I am, but only in the kitchen. I love having every little bit and piece that I need for making the perfect pasta, madeleines, cupcakes, stews, stocks... the list goes on.

When I started watching youtube videos about the Kitchenaid and saw how beautiful it was, I just had to have one. So impatient too, I could only wait so long after I had ummed and arrggged about the perfect colour. Majestic Yellow. Which of course was being discontinued and gave me even more reason to buy once I found one. Think I got the last one in the country in David Jones in Bondi Junction. I just had to drive across and have a look, and then it was love at first sight.  I continue to adore it, but have to admit that it is hard to justify, on health grounds(!), making cupcakes every week. Still, it gets some use.

More recently I've heard lots of chat about the Thermomix. They do everything.  Chop, beat, mix, whip, grind, knead, mince, grate, juice, blend, heat, stir, steam and weigh! I was told upfront how expensive they are which just made me shrug. I can't imagine my husband would be very understanding about that, even though I think the multi-use factor probably does justify the cost. 

Then last weekend I went to the Good Food & Wine festival and popped to their stall.  The demonstration was fabulous, and so was the sample (some sort of gluten free chocolate almond dessert with orange custard). I'm so almost sold. I would love to host a demo at my place, but I realise that I probably couldn't say no after that...

$1939.... big ouch!

Do you own a Thermomix?


  1. I went to a demo, and I hear the good stuff, but for me we have more important things to spend our money on at the moment.

    Great if you can have one, but if not, it wont stop you cooking anything.

  2. Mikes cousin in HK has one and LOVES it! With kitchens there being very tight on space the Thermomix is perfect, and after tasting my fair share of its work, I am inclined to agree. A definite ouch with the price though...

  3. Hi Clairey - totally agree with you, I'm sure I could do without...

    Hi EM! good to see you on my blog! I could probably throw away a few other appliances if I ever got one... would make me feel soooo guilty!

  4. Hi, I noticed you were following me through GFC so thought I'd come say hi. After the demo and many years of consideration, I decided to go for it and it was delivered on Friday. I'm really enjoying it, I'm already cooking things and considering doing things that would have never crossed my mind. I managed to send my husband with a packed lunch to work for two days in a row now. He works in London and easily spends 10 pounds on lunch, yesterday he didn't realise until he was nearly home and asked him to stop to grab milk that he didn't have his wallet on him (it had been at home all day long!), so that is already a huge bonus! If I can keep it up a few times a week without major consequences to my work time (I'm a freelancer), then it could mean a huge saving for us and the Thermomix could pay for itself. We'll see! I will be blogging about my Thermomix journey so you're more than welcome to pop by my blog any time :)

    1. Thanks so much Feisty Tapas - I'm definitely considering. I know I would love it. I have 2 little girls and cook almost from scratch most nights. Loved reading your blog - I studied Spanish at Uni and miss the country so much. I'd be interested to hear more about the spanish TM recipes too!

    2. I've just published an adaptation of a Spanish recipe today :) Lots more planned as I thermomix more. It's really weird being hands-free, I tend to cook from scratch too and a couple of nights I was making bread (I hadn't made bread since I was 7) and pisto but I was in-fact with nothing to do! I am a freelancer so this is exactly why I need it, to free up my hands to do my work in the limited time I get in the middle of being a mum. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  5. Good things take time... and.. great things take longer :)Congrats on taking the big decision and on the arrival of your new addition tomorrow. WhooHOO! Looking forward to reading all about it ;-)


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