Monday, October 24, 2011

Silo, Canberra

Last week we headed down to Canberra for a few days holiday. For Sydneysiders, Canberra is not exactly known as a classic tourist destination.  It's almost the opposite of Sydney's sparkly busyness that is saturated by people, cars and culture.  Canberra is serene, quiet, organised but if I'm completely honest, a little bit lacking in energy.

But truthfully, this change in pace made for a great holiday. Canberra makes things so easy. Nothing is more than 10 minutes drive from where we were in Kingston. There was a superb range of museums and galleries just around the corner, and no need to hop in the car to get great coffee or groceries.

Silo is probably the rose-coloured tint for me. One of the best bakeries/cafes that I have ever experienced. We first went there 12 months ago on the recommendation of Not Quite Nigella, and we're disappointed. This Canberra visit I made sure I could fit more than a few visits in.

This place is constantly busy. Even when we turned up for breakfast before 8am we had to wait for a table. But with good reason. Everything they produce is outstanding and is baked in house.

Unfortunately I only took my camera the one time we went, for a light breakfast of coffee, juice and croissant. On another occasion we had a gruyère omelette, and vegetarian quiches (ooops forgot my camera!)

The croissant was the best I've ever had outside France. The right balance of crunch on the outside with soft buttery inside.

We also sampled Silo's Sunrise juice, freshly squeezed orange and raspberry.  A gorgeous combination which both the toddler and I really enjoyed.

With Good Living to accompany my breakfast, who could want for more. A must if you visit Canberra.


  1. mmmm that croissant looks divine, such a perfect shape! Good living always makes me so hungry...

  2. Yes, I've heard of this place! How lovely to get to visit. That croissant looks wonderful - major cravings now ;) & how sweet is your little one with what looks like a giant glass of OJ (probably camera angle, but still, v cute)
    Heidi xo

  3. I'm glad you fit a visit in and yes it's always busy there isn't it! :) And how cute the glass looks as big as your toddler! :)

  4. The croissant looks so beautiful! I am heading to Canberra in a couple of weeks. Will definitely pay this place a visit. Thanks for the review!

  5. Anna - I would totally recommend the ham and cheese croissants too! Lunch looks amazing too, we just couldn't forgo sleeps...
    Hannah - Good Living totally makes my Tuesday
    Heidi - It was actually her first ever taste of juice, she loved it!
    Lorraine - thanks again for your recommendation. It doesn't look too special from the outside so I'm not sure I would have found it without you!

  6. I'm Canberran born-and-bred, yet only went to Silo for the first time last month! The dessert tarts are magnificent, and what always catch my eye. My blackcurrant, mint, and cabernet tart was divine! I can't help myself from also recommending Flute Bakery and Urban Pantry if/when you come back :)

  7. That cafe looks great and love the sound of the freshly squeezed orange and raspberry juice, yum!

  8. We were in Canberra in September, and liked it a lot, though you're right. Canberra=no energy, and they hide the good stuff behind a boring facade.

  9. Good gracious me. I'm 3 and a half days in on an enormous detox which eliminates lots of things from my diet, but mostly grains. Worst day to visit your blog and look at all those delicious delicious extra delicious baked goods!!!! Kellie xx

  10. Love to read it was the best croissant out of france. When we visited france a few years ago I was blown away when i tried a croissant, they have never been the same again!


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