Sunday, October 2, 2011

A visit to Eveleigh Farmers' market

One of the flower stalls at the markets
 Yesterday I managed to tick off a Sydney foodie 'must do', and something I've been meaning to do for quite some time - Eveleigh Farmers' markets. It's probably one of Sydney's most well known farmers' markets, and it deserves to be. Not quite as showy and glamourous as the Pyrmont Growers' market on the edge of Sydney Harbour, but bountiful and with an amazing range of produce on offer.

The granny bag appeared to be the Urban market goer's bag of choice! We saw many of them!

It's located behind Sydney University, next to the railway line, and near Redfern. The area is bustling with arts projects like the Carriageworks, student buildings and facilities and small businesses. The market itself is housed in a large covered shed that appears to be part of an old railway yard.

Katie and I met early, after all that is strongly encouraged to get the best of everything at Farmers' markets. It was already buzzing, with lots of families bringing their kids for a morning out. There is lots to see and taste, even if you're not really interested in food.

Some of the entertainment

We headed straight to Billy Kwong for their famous asian breakfasts. Pork dumplings, asian pancakes and green tea were on offer. I've heard that Kylie Kwong is a frequent visitor, unfortunately she wasn't on the stall yesterday.

The lovely Katie
Billy Kwong's Asian pancakes

Katie and I chose the pancakes. They were light and flavoursome, and the large quantity of fresh herbs took us straight back to our travels in Vietnam. We also picked up a coffee from Toby's Estate and settled ourselves down on the communal tables at the edge of the market to feast.

The Eumundi Smokehouse

With so much to see we didn't sit and chat for long. We both looked to make some special purchases, firstly chocolate brownies for our absent husbands.  Then some fresh herbs and vegetables, flowers, and handmade butter from Pepe Saya.  I was also tempted by the Fungi stall selling black truffle oil. There were so many stalls that we had to walk up and down at least three times before we could decide where to purchase even.

The Bird Cow Fish stand

Fare Gourmet with the biggest selection of brownies ever

I thoroughly enjoyed my morning. One of my favourite ways to spend a girlie morning.

My bounty


  1. mmmmm, love the Eveleigh Farmers Market - and better than Pyrmont, as it's on every weekend!

  2. Lovely photos, Eveleigh markets are great, I wish I went more often to food/growers markets though!! Looks like you had a great time- the asian pancake looks yummy :) x

  3. This is a lovely guide to Eveleigh Markets! I love this place, so many varied stalls in a wonderful location, walking across all those old train tracks is a nice feeling. Hah and I know that cello-playing guy you snapped! Small world.


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