Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Afternoon tea: Honey Madeleines for Jess

I must have become a grown up cook. I know this because I am now capable of choosing and following recipes that don't have any pictures.

I'm a visual person, having worked in advertising, and with some fabulous food photographers and stylists too (way before I ever thought I'd end up writing a food blog, I might add!) and I still believe that one of the best parts of buying new cook books and magazines is feasting on the photography.  The photos often made me decide whether a dish would be beyond my skill level too, but obviously would need to have a big yumminess tick too.

Stephanie Alexander has changed this for me. And I adore her for it. The cook's companion is changing my foodie life, day-by-day as I realise quite how much I refer to it, and also how much I trust her to have written up the perfect recipe. No photography required, just a little mental visualisation.

Because it's 1000 pages long it really does have Stephanie's take on most things. Lately, I've even been checking her recipes for the things I would never need a recipe for; basic pasta, bolognese, burgers, muffins etc. They all have a little special Stephanie twist.  All I can say is that I look forward to getting better acquainted with my new bible, and a huge thank you to my mum for buying it for me.

These madeleines are for my friend Jess. She has not had the best few weeks, and we now live half a world away from each other so it's so much harder to be there for her. If I were closer I would be popping around for long chats and tea, and keeping her well stocked in cakes. And as for madeleines, Jess and I have already spent many an afternoon drinking too much coffee and tea, eating too many madeleines to count. She would love these honey ones.  Miss you Jess x

These madeleines worked out just how I had hoped. Not sickly sweet, just a hint of honey, and so light and moorish. 

 Little girl enjoying her 'tea' with a madeleine. It's so cute how much she enjoys the tea ritual already.


  1. How lovely. I too love The Cook's Companion. The bible. You're so reight re the visualisation thing. Usually I'm all about it, but with this book it's ok. I'm sure Jess is appreciating these from afar. A lovely gesture.
    Heidi xo

  2. naaaw she is precious! I need to get myself a copy of this book, everyone raves about it

  3. thanks for the lovely comments -
    Kay - I would really recommend to anyone who enjoys cooking.
    Chocolatesuze - practice!
    Heidi - hope she checks in to read it today!


  4. Ah the bible! It is fantastic and I dont know what I would do without my copy. Your madeleines look beautiful,I would love one with my tea right now!

  5. Your little girl looks too cute with a tea cup and madeleine!

    I hope my little one enjoys a tea and cupcake with me too one day :)

  6. they look delicious. i love looking in stephanies book at the shops - yet to own it!

  7. Aren't you nice making these for your faraway friend! :) Thanks for reminding me about this book, I haven't cooked from it in ages!

  8. These look so soft and yummy, i was thinking of trying out this recipe with my daughter Kelly


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