Thursday, June 16, 2011

A stroll to Subiaco farmers market

A few weeks back in Perth,  we sauntered down to Subiaco farmers markets on a Saturday morning. I love these markets, I've been a few times when I've been in Perth on holiday.  It's set up in the grounds of Subiaco Primary School, a picturesque little school with the traditional old buildings.

Organic dog biccies!

The market is so well organised compared with some I've been to in Sydney, and you could easily buy everything you need to feed your family for the weekend, or the week for that matter. 

Beautiful loaves

Incredible range of local mushrooms

A chai stall

A french patisserie stand

Everyone is welcome!

My first persimmon experience. I can't say I'll be buying this fruit regularly - I didn't enjoy the soapy aftertaste at all.
Kohlrabi - I've never seen this before, quite intriguing

This was the most sumptuous almond croissant - filled with light almond cream. It meant that I couldn't do my normal habit of dipping into my coffee, but it was such a treat that I didn't mind at all.

We bought bags and bags of fruit and veggies. Not sure why I didn't take more photos of all the gorgeous produce. I suppose that's what happens when you are carrying groceries and looking after a toddler. The prices were so reasonable, and I love that you don't have to re-bag everything in order to take it to a check out.

They also do an incredible trade in breakfast. Our coffee was pretty good, but there were also pancake stalls, bacon & egg rolls, all sorts of muesli on offer, fresh juices, chai.  Well worth a visit if you're a Perth local. Watch out for recent Masterchef evictee Arena - she was manning one of the stalls whilst I was there.


  1. I love farmers markets, we do the majority of our food shopping at them. Do you have a favourite in Sydney? as we are trying to check most of them out. This one looks really good. I bought a kohlrabi a few weeks ago, its kinda like a giant radish!

  2. That almond croissant looks amazing. I didn't know Subi has a farmers' market. Will check it out next time I am in Perth for the weekend.

  3. I've been wanting to make it to the Subi markets ever since we moved to Perth. They look amazing. Will have to go, real soon. Especially if they have kohlrabi for sale! My parents used to grow it when I was little, I've only eaten it once since when I found some at a Sydney farmers market.

  4. Gah!! The croissant looks incredible!! Perfection. Looks like a great market!
    Heidi xo

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