Thursday, June 16, 2011

Favourite Things

A lolly counter!

It takes a lot of time to organise cooking a new dish for Heavenly Ingredients. Not something I mind, but it starts with brain storming what I'm going to cook, who is going to eat it, writing the ingredients on a shopping list, hitting the shops, making or baking the recipe, shooting it and then posting. Quite a few hours of work.

Until now I've been more than happy to do that a few times a week. I'm passionate about the whole process, doing the research and deciding what to try out. I've got many lists floating around at home titled 'Recipes for June' - hopefully I'll complete them all. I also love trying to find the unusual ingredients, tamarind paste, palm sugar, rosewater, spelt flour, special sugars and dried (real!) cherries to mention a few that have been on the list recently.
The jar with cookie cutters in it would look great in a kitchen

Everything for baking cupcakes

This morning I was reading Fat Mum Slim's blog on ways to banish blogger's block. It hit home that in order to create a blogpost I don't necessarily need to go through this whole process. When I'm out an about with the little one each day I get so much inspiration from the small things I see, and that also feeds into what I decide to make in the kitchen that day.

How cute are these milk bottles!

So, with a little help from Instagram and my iphone, I got snapping as I was out in Dee Why this morning running a few errands. Favourite Things is a breath of fresh air in the bustle of the Dee Why bric-a-brac. They have a great and ever changing range of vintage inspired items for the kitchen and home, and lots of baby gifts, most of which you don't see in other gift shops. They also have a cafe with tables and armchairs dotted around the shop. Yummy Toby's Estate coffee too. A fun place to spend an hour or so.

The most amazing splashback

So many old fashioned sweets to choose from, and GIANT speckles!

These vintage-style bottles would look darling anywhere around the home

Old-fashioned measuring jugs

Hanging jars, perfect for tea lights

Love these little bells, although not sure if anyone would come to 'serve' me!

Remember when you could get these everywhere? Now I feel old...

I love beautiful jars, these would make lovely gifts, full or empty.

Flat white, and the best babycino ever (with marshmallows and a chocolate coated snake!)


  1. That place looks amazing. Was it there when we were over in Aus? Wish we could have come for a coffee with you!

  2. Hey, great snapshots! I agree, love that splashback :)

  3. I agree, so much goes into a post behind the scenes that I guess people don't even know about. especially if you're testing out a recipe of your own and you just want to perfect it. I've made quite a few versions of a bread just to get it right!

  4. haha yeah I hear ya on how much work goes into each post! I too have ever-changing lists of things to cook floating around my house. It never stays in order, or gets cooked! One day.. one day.

  5. How have i not been here? i often frequent dee why as my aunty lives in curl curl. Have you been to Curlys in Curl Curl, it is my favourite little cafe and perfect to take kids.

  6. thanks Muppy - I haven't been to Curlys. great tip though, we need new places to make little trips to, and it's less than 10 minutes down the round

  7. I remember seeing these on instagram. Love those milk bottles!

  8. Giant speckles are awesome!! Novelty factor is huge :) what beautiful inspiration. It's the little things, hey :) Love the milk bottles.
    Heidi xo


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