Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hot cross buns!

A couple of days ago I was ordering my morning coffee after my gym workout and I was starving. Hot cross buns really are my snack of choice in the lead up to Easter, so I asked 'Do you have hot cross buns?' The young American guy serving me looked perplexed, and replied 'no'. Then he smiled, 'what the hell are those anyway?' and then added, 'where I come from buns are arses!'  Everyone in the queue laughed, and we told them that he had to try one, that they are really special.
I have to agree, I really do get quite sad when they are not widely available after Easter. I'm a sucker for the combination of spices and the raisins. I could happily eat them for breakfast, morning tea and afternoon tea every day for these few months. But now I've fixed that as I've learned how to make them myself. And it wasn't nearly as complicated as I thought. Thanks Maria at Scandi Foodie for the inspiration.
Watching yeast do its job still fascinates me - and this recipe was no different, but with the added bonus of a beautiful Eastery scent.

I'm not sure they are my most beautiful baking efforts, but I love them. Making the crosses was the hardest bit by far - I'll perfect that next time!

Perfect breakfast for me.

So from our household, and our friendly visitors, Happy Easter everyone.

And drive safely!


  1. I love watching yeast do its thing too! :D These look marvellous-happy Easter! :D

  2. Well done with the hot cross buns, they look delicious :) and I have a major crush on your yellow kitchenaid. Beautiful!

  3. thank you for commenting!
    Katie - yes my kitchenaid is my pride and joy, and does her job too ;-)

  4. Great work, these look fab. I love the golden colour. I love your kitchen aid colour too!! Next year I think I'll try making my own :)
    Heidi xo


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