Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Boathouse, Palm Beach

After days of torrential rain, the sun came out strongly and brightly at lunchtime today. Mum and I were about to head home from the shops, but decided that Palm Beach was calling us. More specifically, The Boathouse. (They also have a lovely blog here)

I only discovered this place a year ago when my husband and I were passing by. He saw it by chance, and thought it would be right up my alley. So true.

I've had a minor love affair with Pittwater and the Northern Beaches since the first time I came up here when I was on holiday from England. The paradise-like beaches that I saw every day via Home & Away. And Avalon would have to be my favourite Sydney suburb (if you can really call it Sydney). The vegetation makes it feel degrees further north of Sydney in terms of how tropical it is, beautiful bright flowers and verdant green plants, which are matched by the houses and lifestyle. I get that holiday feeling even when I just pop up for a few hours.

The Boathouse just about sums up the Palm Beach experience as an outsider. It sits on the edge of Pittwater, just a stone's throw to the ocean, looking across to Currawong beach and West Head.  Peaceful yet alive. The Boathouse has been subtly decorated, a modern beach house that is airy and light yet filled with individual pieces of furniture, and bountiful with baskets of seasonal produce.
The Boathouse

Need I say more?
Well yes, the food is also outstanding. The menu is not huge, but it does the classics in a refreshing way. Fish & Chips, steak sandwich and burgers all make the cut for the lunch menu, along with a bucket of prawns. The fresh fish also varies all the time - we tried the kingfish, along with the salt and pepper squid with a light asian salad. Perfect for  sunny Sydney lunch.

Kingfish with Asian salad

Salt and pepper squid with Japanese salad and wasabi dressing

And we had a visit from a Pelican to top off our visit

Looking back to the Pittwater beach side

The sea plane jetty - yes you really can arrive by sea plane


  1. Oh Pittwater.....please can I come next time you go? xx

  2. I love Pittwater, this is my favourite area in all of Sydney! Been to the Boat House too, great place! :-)

  3. It doesn't really feel like Sydney - more like paradise I think Maria!


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