Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bills, Woollahra

After sauntering around Paddington and Woollahra on my mum's last day in Sydney, we popped into one of my Sydney favourites, Bills.

It really is one of those gracious places that is wonderful, without really having to try. The food is totally non pretentious, but marries the most stunning and simple flavours. I normally love going there for breakfast (corn fritters and ricotta hotcakes are totally legendary, as are his eggs that must contain way too much cream to be at all healthy) and was totally tempted, but also wanted to try something new.

I decided on the Orecchiette with ricotta, baby spinach and roasted tomatoes.  A combination I'll be trying at home very very soon.
Orecchiette with baby spinach, ricotta and tomatoes
Mum went for a thai beef salad
Thai beef salad
Mum also was thrilled, and has continually told me how reasonable it is to eat out in Sydney now.

The wait staff looked after us impeccably, letting us wait in a neighbouring book store, and then coming to find us when an available table came up. We were impressed.

Thanks Bills for another great meal. Love your work.

PS sorry for the lack of photos. I'm currently looking to invest in a DSLR which would be very exciting and would totally inspire me to take HEAPS of photos. But SLRs are much more techy and involved than I was thinking, but hopefully I'll decide soon.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time! And I love my DSLR and yes it does make you want to take loads of photos too :)

  2. thanks Lorraine, so many options to look at. It's a big investment for me!

  3. It is a big investment, but totally worth it :) I love documenting our life on my camera.
    I LOVE Bill's. When in Sydney I cafe hop from one location to the other. The corn fritters are amazing! And now I'm craving pancakes even though I've just eaten lunch! haha. Your orecchiette looks divine. Good on you for trying something new, I sometimes struggle to deviate from the old gems :)
    Heidi xo


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