Tuesday, June 11, 2013

'grams of my life - The Jude Blereau edition

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I've just properly discovered Jude Blereau. I came across her book for children 'Wholefood for Children' a few years ago when I was researching cooking for Miss (now) 3. Whilst I enjoyed it, I just borrowed it from the library and none of her recipes entered my everyday cooking. But a few months ago I came across Wholefood when I was sitting in Jammy Cow in Mona Vale. Such an incredible encyclopedia-style book, and great introduction to wholefoods. Totally inspired.  I now have my own copy and have already cooked more than a few things from it.

Then around the same time I came across a Seminar led by Jude Blereau, and by chance it was also in Sydney.  I booked in straight away. The three hours there has re-ignited a passion for feeding my family the best way I can, and continuing to learn about and enjoy food. Jude spoke mainly on how to stock a wholefoods panty, and then how to meal plan and always eat well.  She spoke about many of the falsehoods and food fashions that we have been through (especially low fat!!!!), and smashed them. Jude and Holly Davis (also so so dynamic and interesting) went into a lot of detail about good and bad fats, and how to use them. We also talked about what items were really necessary for the kitchen, how to choose knives, breadboards and so much more. I was straight off to buy fresh organic ghee, amongst other things, the next day. It smells totally amazing, like a bakery with a hint of sweetness, and a great base for meals.

The day after the seminar, I was off to my local health food shop with a long shopping list.  Unfortunately I think some items will prove hard to find. Dashi flakes anyone??? I decided to make chicken stock from scratch to make poor little sick Miss 1 Soba noodle chicken soup. I really do believe that food is better than medicine. It nurtures, it shows love, it heals, it nourishes. Medicine doesn't do all those things. Thankfully, she is on the mend. And yes, strangely enough, my Doctor did tell me that there was no medicine that was going to help her get better.

Roasted Vegetable Quiche, a Jude Blereau recipe from the Wholefoods book.  A tart that doesn't feel indulgent, but healthy and tasty. Delicious.

Raspberry muffins, another recipe from Wholefood by Jude Blereau.  With these colder days I have been craving cake with my tea in the afternoon.  These were just beautiful.

Can't wait to get my mits on a copy of Jude's new book, Wholefood Baking. Totally in my ballpark.

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