Saturday, May 26, 2012

news & a peek at my new kitchen

I've been away for more than a little while.  This is the first reason for that. I gave birth to a little girl in mid April. We are all so happy to be welcoming another girl into our family. She is so very special, she looks physically a lot like her big sister, but with twinkling and very knowing blue eyes.

I'm reminding myself to enjoy the mothering a newborn experience more consciously this time. Being a first-time parent was wonderful in so many ways, but also so overwhelming with feeling so ill equipped to properly look after a little person. Those feelings have passed, now I know what babies need. Human touch. They love to be held and rocked. It's time consuming but not really all that hard.

The other big life event that has been taking up our time is a huge renovation. It has affected about half of our house and the worst part coincided with baby L arriving. Yes, really!  We were very lucky to have lots of family support to help us through. I honestly think I might have had a break-down if I were a first time parent, but somehow this time we made it work.

Excitingly I have a brand spanking new kitchen. I love it so much. The whole process from thinking about what I wanted, to design, choosing the surfaces and colours, and all the details was so much fun. 

I plan to reveal a bit more of my kitchen in the next few weeks - stay tuned.

Laura x


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! What happy news!
    I look forward to seeing your lovely new kitchen too!

  2. thanks Anna. Everything takes a bit longer these days. Spending too long in the laundry...

  3. oh yay congrats on the new kitchen and of course the bub!!! glad to hear you are coping with number two :)


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